About Happy Home

Happy Home is a safe, secure home for vulnerable girls and boys from backward villages in India. Our girls are orphans and street children who have fallen victim to a variety of social ills, from poverty and gender-based violence to forced child marriages. At Happy Home, we create a space for them to reveal their hidden potential by providing security and education based on human values and by eliminating the pressures they faced prior to arriving at our peaceful, nurturing residence. We encourage the children in our care to rise out of poverty and educate them how to pursue a path to prosperity as contributing citizens for a strong society.
Happy Home took shape in the year 2008 as a home for orphans, with just five abandoned street children. We gained recognition with a registration in 2009, and with 14 budding girls and five young underprivileged boys. Now we are taking care of 52 children from the age 6 to 18 plus.

We are located at Green Lands, Opposite the S. L.V. Servicing Centre, Airport Road, Anantapur District, Puttaparthi, Andhrapradesh India-515134.


Good quality education is the best investment to develop a society. We can construct to keep away all kinds of problems from a good education. It builds to promote health and welfare for these generations and next. It could reduce poverty. Our main destination is to bring hope and practical life in each and every individual lives and gives them the happiness to countable children with an example in community, rural area, village, and country. Education helps the girls in our care acquire the knowledge they need to find employment and realize their destiny of joining the civilized society. With access to education, the girls learn what they need to find jobs that will provide for their own well-being and for the well-being of their future families. Instead of the downward spiral from which they came, the girls receive an education so they can begin an upward spiral from poverty to prosperity.


Our Solitary mission is to improve the lives of the children and women in our care by providing them with quality education and a nurturing environment in the embrace of knowledge and belonging, they can become committed members of their families, their communities, and their country.

Many people living in the grips of poverty and hopelessness are incapable of changing their lives for the better because they are not familiar with the characteristics and customs of a civilized citizen. To remove from this curtain of living in poverty world, we give the quality of education with amoral and human values to come up in the path that they see something new path of the civilizing citizen. At Happy Home, we provide the basics of an improved life in the form of money, food, and housing .we model good citizenship and offer the means to achieve it. Our girls learn human values, thereby receiving a social education to match their academic ones. This dual education illuminates paths they would never be exposed to otherwise. Our methods include personal encouragement, love, a positive environment, a healthy diet. Exercises, responsibility, morality, and technical skills. The education we provide is entirely holistic, meant to lay the foundations for girls to emerge as strong, self- sufficient, caring women and men.


Provide a quality education with human values to the vulnerable and street children who have been the victims of gender based violence.
Motivate the rural children on healthy habits to bring out their own hidden skills.
Motivate the rural children to pursue an education for heightened citizenship.
Teach child to explore their strengths and skills to create meaning in their lives.
Create a purpose driven curriculum and that challenges the children to find their passions and pursue them.
Provide educational tools and training to create lifelong learners who can improve their communities, protect themselves from violence, and live productive, satisfying lives.


  • Commitment
  • Equality and diversity
  • Mutual Respect
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Participation
  • Accountability
  • Unity
  • Respect and truthfulness
  • Self reliance

Childrens' Background

Most of our children are indigent street urchins who come from the lower economic section of society. and who have not had the privilege of any kind of home care or education. This means that even at the age of nine or ten, they have not been exposed to any formal education whatsoever. These children are hungry, neglected and frightened before they enter our home. .Their main focus for survival is food. We start preparing them to feel safe, secure, and happy by providing them with the security of a room guidance ,nutritious food and of course education.

Staff Members

Three Language tutors, help the children to learn Telugu, Hindi and English.
The gardeners beautify and maintain the serenity of the premises.
House keeping to keep the premises clean and the children’s clothes laundered.
Regular cooks prepare three meals per day for the children. Nourishing food is provided to keep the children healthy.
Two ladies are responsible for the care of the younger children.