Provide a Vocational Training:

Happy Home Trust provides gainful vocational training to children and women who works at home and out side according to their age, aptitude, interest and ability both inside or out side Happy Home Trust.

Happy Home Trust formed a mission ‘ Cocoon’ which trains women in tailoring and provides them living quartersto offer hope to India's abused and abandoned women and children by giving them a safe, loving environment where they are educated and empowered with the skills to be self-sufficient, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.

In India, a married woman deserted by her husband, or a widow with young children has no standing in her community. These hurting women are often times abused by all around her. They are left with no hope for their lives and their children.

Cocoon's Mission is to take these abused, poor, unwanted women and give them a lifeline from the cruel world they so desperately wish to leave.

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