Children Management Committee

Happy Home Trust has a child management committee for the management of our Children Home and the monitroing of progress of every child.

Our person-in-charge facilitate the setting up of children management committee for different age groups of children, that is in the group of 6 to 10 years, 11 to 15 ears and 16 to 18 years and these children management committee are integrated solely by children.

These rules has been made to inspire to participate in following activities:

  1. Improvement of the conditon of the children management committee.
  2. Reconsidering standards of care being followed.
  3. Keeping usual pattern of activities for diet and education.
  4. Progressing educational and spiritual skills.
  5. Respecting and supporting each other in the time of need.
  6. Reporting manipulation by peers and care givers.
  7. Creative expression of their inner potential and views through wall papers or newsletters or paintings/music/theatre.
  8. Management of Happy Home Trust through Children Management Committee.

Board of Happy Home Trust has here by appointed these undermentioned children as the chief Head of Children Team for the year 2019-20

B. Kalyani (Activities Programme Leader)
8th Grade, Varadhi International School, Puttaparthi
B. Swetha(Chair Person)
10th Grade, Varadhi International School, Puttaparthi
B. Swetha (Child Hygiene Record Incharge)
10th Grade, Varadhi International School, Puttaparthi
H. Sai Kumar (Incharge of maintaining record)
8th Grade, Varadhi International School, Puttaparthi
K. Aruna (Student supervisor)
(8th Grade, Varadhi International School, Puttaparthi)